Reward Distribution

NFT distribution

SoQuest has its own minting platform and supports free minting on BNB.
Reward Name: The name of the reward e.g Port3 OG NFT Source: The name of the NFT that you will give away. *Only becomes on option after deploying a NFT by clicking on Add NFT Reward + Mode: First come First Serve, Manually Generate, Unlimited Amount: How many NFT's to mint Claim Button Text: Text displayed on claim button
Add NFT Reward+
Name: The name of the NFT Blockchain: The blockchain for the NFT contract. *Only BNB is an option at the moment Symbol: The symbol you want to use for the NFT's Image Type: There are two options. The first option One Image for all NFT's allows projects to upload 1 NFT that all users will be able to mint. The second option NFT Blind Box allows projects to upload multiple NFT's. Users will get 1 of the NFT's randomly. Transferable: The slider allows users to transfer or not transfer the NFT. Admin VIew After Uploading NFT
User View
SoQuest supports automatically uploading your winner address to your Galxe Space via API. This means you don’t need to export and upload your address anymore, and users can mint immediately after finishing tasks. All you need is to set up two pieces of information: Galxe Credential ID and Galxe Access Token.

Token distribution

SoQuest has its own token sender, which allows you to distribute the token rewards to winners directly after campaigns end. SoQuest supports token sending from 4 chains, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalance, and KCC.
Title: Name of campaign, not visible for the public.
Blockchain: Select the chain that your token is on from a dropdown list.
Token: Enter the token to match.
Amount Sent: Automatically generate the amount of token and address that you will send. No need to fill in.
Receivers: Choose the place where your winners come from, local file, or campaign winners.
Average Distribution: Equally distribute the token to winners
Random Distribution: Randomly distribute the token to winners
Whether you decide to use average distribution or random distribution, what you need to do is enter the total token amount.

Whitelist rewards

Users are keen on knowing what they should do after winning, so make sure to give guidance on this, especially for non-instant rewards.
The following three kinds of stuff will be very helpful:
  • In the campaign description, give detailing explanation of how to claim the rewards.
  • When announcing the winners on your Twitter or Discord, tell them what to do next, join your Discord to open a ticket or keep an eye on your socials etc
  • For the rewards button title, use wording like ‘Open ticket to claim your rewards' and use your Discord URL as Reward Claim Link.