SoQuest - Get Galxe credential ID and access token

We support pushing the list of winners to Galxe in SoQuest, thus helping our customers to eliminate the need to manually synchronize their lists. We synchronize this list through Galxe's Query API.
There are two parameters that need to be filled in.
  • The target credential ID on the Galxe side, the list will be synced to this target credential list;
  • Access token that has access to the corresponding credential list.
Next we will guide you to get these two parameters to be able to complete the configuration of SoQuest.

Step 1: Get Credential ID

First, you need to have access to Galxe's Space management platform, which can be found by scrolling down from your avatar to My Space and Curated Credentials.
Then go to Curated Credentials to create an identity set that will be used to bind to future OAT/NFT Minting.
Select 'Import Your Own Data' when creating, then choose 'EVM Address' ID Type and 'API' Credential Source, indicating it can be updated through the Query API.
Once the Credentials are created, you can go to the view and the string of numbers in the browser is the Credential ID we need.

Step2: Get Access Token

After getting the Credential ID, we also need an Access Token to access this collection of Credentails, which should be requested in the Galxe Personal Settings.
Go into Galxe's Access Token configuration page and create one, just like I did.
Copy this Access Token into SoQuest's Prize configuration as well to automate push list updates.