SoQuest Intro

What is SoQuest?

SoQuest is a one-stop Web3 task tool that allows Project Operators, KOLs and DAOs to easily curate dedicated space and launch campaigns to grow their brand and online presence.
As the best alternative to Gleam and Premint, SoQuest is very easy-to-use yet powerful and effective. It fully connects Web2 accounts and Web3 actions and can seamlessly integrate with the NFT mint platforms via API and Oracle.
SoQuest is specifically developed for the Crypto industry, so you are now able to design entries like following Twitter, joining Telegram, or Discord and also verify the token or NFT assets of the participants.

What are the key features of SoQuest?

  • Web3 native and free
SoQuest is all about the Web3. The product design layout, the task creation process, the account binding, etc. are all developed based on Web3 user behavior. You can now engage users and grow the brand with free marketing!
  • Fully connects Web2 accounts and Web3 actions
After binding your Twitter, Discord and other Web2 accounts, you are free to join any giveaway campaigns without repeat information submission. You only submit once and you are good for all campaigns! They stay bound!
  • Minting Platform
SoQuest also acts as a minting platform for our questing tool. We provide all-in-one questing services: questing+minting+token drops with super fast setup and verification!
  • Unlimited entries and instant redeem rewards
Without entry limitations, SoQuest will help you maximize your giveaway potential! After integrating with NFT mint platforms, SoQuest unlocks all available rewards instantly.