User Tutorial

SoQuest is a Web3 task tool and requires you to bind Web2 accounts and wallet addresses before participating in any campaigns on SoQuest. You can only participate with those for that wallet address.
❗️❗️❗️ So please do make sure the account and address you use to participate in campaigns are the same as the ones you are bound on SoQuest.

1. Why can't I verify after joining Discord?

If joining the Discord server for the first time, you need to send messages to the server first to ensure that you are active and then verify

2. Why can't I verify after joining Telegram?

If joining Telegram for the first time, you need to send messages in the group first to ensure that you are active, and then verify.

3. Why can't I verify after following on Twitter?

Currently, SoQuest can only detect the top 2,000 of your following list, you can try the Unfollow - Follow - Verify step. We will optimize this in the next version.

4. How do I get and generate an invitation code?

For campaigns with an invitation task, you will first need to complete the task via another user's code, generate your own and send it out to other users. Your task will be verified only after somebody uses the code you generated.
Get the invitation code:
  1. 1.
    Use the invitation code on the top right corner of the activity page. When the campaign starts, there will be 100 starting codes, and you can refresh the page to generate new invitation codes.
  2. 2.
    Use the invitation codes shared by other users in the community
Generate invitation code:
  1. 1.
    Click 'Generate Code' and 'Copy' to directly the event link and share it with other users
  2. 2.
    If the community prohibits sending links, you can copy the content after 'inviteCode=' at the end of the link
For example, the following is the campaign link obtained after clicking 'Copy',
“I joined Port3 x SPACE ID: 100 .bnb Domain Name WL Giveaway Campaign on SoQuest, the web3 real-time go-to quest platform
q7k2Nu is the invitation code

5. How to check the invitation code I shared is used?

If the invitation codes you shared out has been used, they will be underlined.

6. Why does it show ‘You Are Not Eligible’ even if I have completed all tasks?

It depends on the number of winners set by the campaign organizer.
If there is a limit to the number of winners, you will be “Eligible” only until the organizer marks you as a winner. If you are not a winner, it will show you “You Are Not Eligible”.
If there is no limit to the number of winners, it will show ‘You Are Eligible’ after completing the task.

7. Why does it show ‘You Are Eligible’, but I can't mint NFT?

Currently, when you complete a task and it shows “Eligible”, you still need to wait for the campaign organizer to upload the address to the specific NFT minting platforms.
Later, when SoQuest integrates NFT minting platforms, you will be able to mint immediately after completing the task, no address uploading.
If you still have technical problems, please report them on the #dev channel of Port3 Discord or contact the Port3 Team for help.