Gemstones Collection System 1.0

1. What’s Gemstones Collection System

Port3 with over 3.8 million Web3 residents now assembled, it’s time for the next stage of our interstellar exploration!
Dear Port3 Resident, let’s embark on a Gemstones Mission together! Every one of you is invited to participate in this adventure!
In the following days, you will be able to evolve into a Space Traveler, Knight, Skywalker, and Grand Master by collecting Gemstones on SoQuest. The energy sources you collect can also unlock rich rewards for you! Starmen, we need you!

2. How can we get the Gemstones?

🔹Via Daily Check-in System

Gemstones can be obtained by logging in to the SoQuest page every day for a 7-day check-in cycle. If you check in consecutively, you will get 1,3,5,7,9,11,13 Gemstones as an increasing prize and you will receive 13 Gemstones for each day you sign in thereafter. If a sign-off occurs, the calculation starts again.
FYI — SoQuest Gemstones Collection is only for Port3 Residents and we will check your Resident Pass before you start your interstellar exploration! You can now check your Resident Pass on your Profile settings or mint yours here if you haven’t received it yet.

🔹Via Participating in Various SoQuest Campaigns

There’ll be 3 kinds of candidates from various SoQuest Campaigns, and each kind of them shares different prize-earning standards, it will be stored in the corresponding residents’ accounts.

3. The Usage of Gemstones

🔸Unlock the Identities and Privileges

Your privileges for each Special Identity are as follows
FYI — Identity privilege is a reward for achievements along with your growth. It will be unlocked automatically after reaching a certain status, and you can get it with the consumption of corresponding Gemstones.
💎The first privilege prize for Space Travelers(Gemstones>500) will be a free mint right for Port3 Avatar(revealing soon), and hundreds of dedicated NFTs will be prepared for the corresponding Residents. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!

🔸Unlock Grand Prize Pool and SoQuest limited edition Events

We’ll keep you informed in the Gemstones Collection System version 2.0, and increasing prizes and play patterns will be revealed to our warm and amazing community of fellow Starmen, stay tuned!
📍Hop on Port3’s Discord channel to share your Gemstones’ stories and enjoy yourself there!