User FAQ

SoQuest is a Web3 task tool and requires you to bind Web2 accounts and wallet addresses before participating in any campaigns on SoQuest. You can only participate with those for that wallet address.
❗️❗️❗️ So please do make sure the account and address you use to participate in campaigns are the same as the ones you are bound on SoQuest.

How to see the campaign reward type and winner number?

There are three types of rewards: NFT, Token, and Whitelist. You can know it from the button color or indication.
And in the reward session, it shows the reward number. For example 'Port3 OG NFT * 5’ means 5 folks have a chance to win Port3 OG NFT.

Mandatory Task VS Non-Mandatory Task

Those tasks marked with * are mandatory, which means you must finish them to be eligible to claim the rewards.
As for non-mandatory tasks, it's optional. But project operators usually set this task as extra entries, especially for Lucky Draw. So you will get a higher winning chance if you finish the non-mandatory task.

When the winner will be announced in the campaign?

You should first figure out it is a campaign with a limited winner or unlimited winner. For campaigns with limited winners, the campaign organizer usually will pick the winner by the end of the campaign. You can keep an eye on their announcement.
For campaigns with unlimited winners, you will be automatically marked as a winner by SoQuest as long as you finish all required tasks and get verified.

How do I know if I’ve won the campaign?

  • On the campaign page, it will show ‘Congratulations!!! You won the rewards’ and then you can click the button to claim the rewards.
  • On your Profile - Reward session, it will also show all the campaigns you have won.
  • On ‘NFT to Claim’ session, it will show the NFT (Only NFT, not including Token and Whitelist) reward you are eligible to claim.

How to claim after being a winner?

For NFT reward that the campaign organizer put to mint on SoQuest, you can claim your NFT immediately after being the winner.
For token and whitelist rewards, you should keep an eye on the announcement of the campaign organizer or open a ticket to ask.

Why can't I verify after joining Discord or Telegram?

If joining Discord or Telegram for the first time, you need to send messages to the server first to ensure that you are active and then verify.

Why can't I verify after following on Twitter?

It may be because your Twitter following list is over 4,000, and SoQuest detects you as a bot. So make sure your following list is within 4,000.